Parkrun excuse no 1

I couldn’t Parkrun today because I was having my hair dyed pink. Also, it was my rest day. Do you like the hair?00100sPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181013111427242_COVER


Trail Trundle

I went up to the delightfully named Nibley Nob a couple of days ago to run a bit of trail, not terribly hard trail because I’m not that good yet, but it was fun and I didn’t need an ambulance afterwards. There’s a hill up to the monument on Nibley Nob, quite a good hill really.  It pushed me quite hard but it’s doable. I find that failure causes me to become quite despondent and unmotivated so it’s better to increase difficulty gradually. I shall do this hill a few more times before I tackle the killer “Big Bastard Hill” as hubby and I call it. Below is my strava stuff on Nibley Nob. Mo Farah won’t be feeling threatened but hey ho.

nibley nob

Big Bastard Hill is close by in Wotton-under-Edge, it is fairly steep and parts of it are very steep. I often see 900 year old locals plodding up it quite happily but I still say it’s an evil hill. Below is the elevation profile of BBH and a strava segment of it that I created.

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The default 5km

The default 5 km route, as I call it, went rather well. I took it slow and steady and pootled round without too much trouble. Splits are shown below.


I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself and had great plans to increase my distance further but it all went horribly wrong. I went out for a drink with a friend, I didn’t intend to spend several days recovering from this but unfortunately I had to. I have recently had a medication change. Don’t drink on medication chaps, especially the more powerful and interesting psychiatric medications. Really, don’t do it. Not even a teeny weeny drink. It’s not big and it’s not clever and I’m a little worried that my blood test results will show my naughtiness. “Arthur” – not his real name- who is the most wonderful psych nurse in the world will be disappointed in me.

I am now beginning  to recover from my stupidity. Today I went for a mini jog, just 500 metres to see if my new medication would attempt to kill me if I ran. It didn’t. Tomorrow I have to run again properly, see if I can make up for lost time. The Doynton Half is only three months away…


An easy 5km run

On Monday I did a 7km run that killed me. I died at least three times. Some days are just harder than others and Monday was hard despite the fact that I did a run with minimal hills.

I’m off to do my bog standard 5km run now. I’ll let you know how it goes. I shall wear shorts because it’s 15C which is too warm for a woman who is carrying extra insulation.